Know My Music Know Me

Know that I will find ecstasy in the Stranglehold,
as I run with the Black Dog
through the Battle of Evermore,
while Silent Lucidity lulls me to sleep
on the raft beside Tom Sawyer
where I discover I am a Simple Man.
Smiling, Crossed Eyed Mary warms me
with Locomotive Breath and reads to me
from Mother Goose stories of a Voodoo Child
and the Jet City Woman driving through
Super Charger Heaven on a tricked out
Bad Motor Scooter with a Mississippi Queen
in a sidecar feeding them Rock Candy
I chased them over the Bridge Of Sighs
With a Rooster and a bag of Them Bones
In the back of my Mercedes Benz.
We stop to Take A Walk On The Wild Side,
on the Day Of The Eagle when we decided
that we should change the Bridge Over Troubled Waters
and Paint It Black in Sympathy For The Devil.
While the Wasteland changed to a
Cathedral where the Shadow Captain
ate American Pie on Wooden Ships
with a Passenger that did not want to be
a Bother or a Freak On A Leash
but could not help feeling like a
Renegade wearing a Ball And Chain
in this Grand Illusion where the
White Rabbit runs through a White Room .
I prayed for the Return To Innocence,
even though I was Flirtin With Disaster
because I was a Radioactive, Pyro.
I bought a Horse With No Name
so I could take a Slow Ride along
The Tracks Of My Tears that led
Under The Boardwalk where Big John
mined Sixteen Tons with a
Needle and Spoon while Angie
cried that she must Eat For Two
Because The Night was so long
while the Fire On Babylon raged and
Oh I Wept, The Tears Of A Clown
for her and proclaimed loudly that I
Won’t Get Fooled Again because
The Song Is Over and I am Going Mobile.


Ring Bells And Scream

Ring bells and scream, sing songs of martial splendor

and the nobility of war to inspire young people to throw

themselves into the hail of death thrown at them by other children.

Patriotic to their glorious homelands ran by the stupidly rich seeking more riches.

Come on jump on board or be labeled as chicken shit bastards because you fear

the horrors that the rich seem all too willing to avoid themselves and for their children.

Wave the white feather meant to shame as a badge of “go to hell” until the rich join

the lines racing across the killing fields for the glories advertised by

recruiters and movies paid for by governments to raise the fervor.

“Come on, those evil assholes have used chemical weapons, probably.”

Seems every dead child looks like the same child. Strange huh?

“Come on, these bastards are after our freedoms”. Really?

“Come on, those bastards hate us because of our religion”

“Come on, aren’t you a freaking patriot?”

Sure, if they are landing on the beaches call me.

I will protect our freedoms here.

I will say a small prayer to my god.

And I will be the most patriotic sumbitch you ever seen.

I will even bring my own hardware.

Until then???

Leave my progeny alone.


So You Will Know

When I go
there are things
you must know and
songs you should play or sing.
Bury me not in ground
damp, dark and cold
for that is a phobia
I have had before I was old.
Harvest what is worthy
And lay the rest to burn
Sent the ashes to the wind
And store not in an urn.
Sing or play Janis, and Jimi,
Nirvana and Tool.
Laugh and tell stories of my love
and the times I played the fool.
Do not keep me living with machines
cause you can’t let me go.
You love me and my leaving makes you sad.
Trust me I know
for my losses have been many
and the hurts still hurt, some quite bad.
But that lump of meat in the bed is not me
Nor is it what I want to be.
So sing or play the songs, drink the wine
Talk about all the crazy times.
And say that tearful goodbye.
knowing I made it out alive.
If I have one thing I see as my being it is the love I hold in my soul for my loved ones. That love will be eternal and shall be my eternal life.
May this be a long time coming.

The World On It’s Face

The world on its face,
is such a beautiful place
We should cherish the splendor.
But we are the cancer that will render
it a wasteland by fighting over anything
Powder, pretty rocks, even oily things
Because you are black, red, yellow, white.
There is no reason to trivial to not fight.
We casually decimate entire groups.
Because they won’t jump through the hoops
that our beliefs say they should.
Piling bodies of all sizes “because they would”
“Thou shalt not kill” unless we say
that it is for the good then you may.
“Those peoples need some freedom”.
If that’s the case why is it so random?
This despot is ok that one is not.
Though they both have left millions to rot.
“It is our right to rule you by birth,
‘So charge and let your blood blend with earth.”
For god, country, freedom, aaah…hell, cause I said.
We might even send your body home when your dead.
“Give us your daughters, sons and parents,
‘We must use the poor for this great lands defense.”
We will bankrupt us to “save” us, and!!!
If we fail we will blame you or anyone we can.
For our mistakes and blunders
That have left millions under
The blasted earth of foreign lands.

Pedestal Lost

I am striving for balance in my head.
Trying to temper the anger.
Trying to see past the hate.
Trying to finish the mourning for the dead.
Remember her beauty and soul.
The soft smile and acceptance.
Of me as I was, as I am, as I will be.
Trying desperately to fill that hole.
And remember her and forget him that killed.
He who took her and it fills me with the hate.
Let him go, he is not worth the blindness
That confuses me and keeps my mind filled.
Filled with the anger at the loss of a pedestal.

Look At Me2

Look at me, I am real.
I have loved, I have lost.
I live and I will die.
I have laughed a million times,
and of course I have cried.
I’ve seen the face of my god
as my progeny looks my way.
I am not a damn number!
I am real, I am blood, bone,
flesh and life, mind and soul.
Remember my name
because I am not a number
for your head count,
your body bag parade,
used to stimulate the hate
and drive the patriotic fervor.
That the greed blinded war pigs may profit
and the corrupted government control
the masses with laugh track circuses
and genetically modified cake
so they will gladly sent their children
to fill more body bags with numbers
that are not now nor have
ever been just numbers
to those of us who
have raised and loved them
and will be completely and utterly
shattered by their loss.
As war pigs glut themselves on the bloody remains.

Anger Still Still

I am bereft and plagued by doubt.
I understand greed and selfishness.
Try to avoid them but don’t always win out.
I know humans have always feared the dark.
They have always feared the finality of the grave.
That forever bottomless hole that is the loss of the spark.
That spark of life that is what drives our every action and move.
But why the need to take others with you?
How is it rationalized? How does your conscience approve?
You are done; I guess I can understand that decision.
Life is a bitch and not for the faint of heart.
But how does that thought lead to the monumental vision.
Where it is an acceptable action to pull others down with you?
Emperor Supreme are you? Selected by your god?
Wife, daughter, must go to the dark with you too?
You are so special you have earned their company in the bottomless hole?
I will eventually come to grips and the anger and the hate will fade.
But for now I hope your god damns your soul.

Goodbye Margo

Goodbye Margo, (always maiden name to me.)
I hope this message finds you carefree.
You probably never knew the pedestal you occupied in my soul.
You were always free with the smile that would fill a lonely hole.
The soft spoken hello no matter who you were with.
You never outclassed me even long after you had.
You could have so easily turned into another teen beauty gone bad.
“Dumpy” girl grown beautiful on the outside.
To match the beauty that had always been on the inside.
One of my pedestal people that has always warmed my heart and soul.
Whenever my minds eye drifted to you.
I hope your karma takes you inside your god’s heavenly gate,
where they say that no sadness lingers, and there is no hate.
No sad, angry selfish asshole,
that could not leave without taking along a beautiful soul.

You Were Sad. You Were Angry.

You were sad.
Depression drug you down.
Your god couldn’t sooth you.
Maybe your donations were not plentiful enough.
You were sad.

You were angry.
Your life was not fulfilled.
Your business failing?
Oh poor poor boy, my fucking heart bleeds for you.
You were angry.

You were sad.
You were angry.
So you decided you were done.
That you would end it, though your god said no.
I would not have cared cause you were sad and angry.

But you were a selfish little fuck.
You took one of those I have held in the highest esteem for most of my life with you.
She was one of those pedestal people that we hold in that last place we knew them forever.
And your daughter? What the fuck? What the fuck!!!
May your god be real to you and you find you’re karma in the deepest hottest pit of hell.

I have been sad.
I have been angry.
If I decided to check my ticket be assured it will be a single ticket punched.
Though I believe I will always find a reason to be.
For I must be an example to my progeny.

This man took one of my pedestal people and his 21 year old daughter with him this week.
I have seen this women maybe twice in the last 47 years and she was still that sweet soft spoken person I remembered from high school.
We were never lovers, though I always loved to meet her because she made me feel good in my soul if that makes any sense.
Now she is dust in the wind because he was sad, or angry, or who gives a fuck what because it boils down to he was a selfish ignorant fuck and I will hate the very of him thought forever.)