For Mom And Dad

To Dad, I am sorry I let you go
without telling how I loved you
the damn anger you know
I hold for not doing what I needed to do.

To Mom, I love and miss you
glad I could be the help you needed of me
though it haunts me its true
I am so very glad you are free.

We wait secure in the knowledge
that tomorrow will come and we can say
those things we need to say, to pledge
our love can always wait another day.

Then a blink and tomorrow is gone away
and you do not get that next goddamn day
your words cannot be said loud enough
to reach the ears that need to hear of your love.

So understand the words I now say
if you love someone put aside the games you play
the phone that you stare upon like precious gems
and tell them before tears are all you have left of them.


One thought on “For Mom And Dad

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